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Micro blogpost remap jj to escape

I want to move as quick as possible in Vim. Reaching for the escape key is a drag and makes me move my fingers of the home row.

Challenge accepted

Let us move remap the escape-key to jj.

inoremap jj <esc>


But wait there is more!

Of course this already works but it does not force us to actually use jj. How could we force ourselves to use jj and make it a pain to use escape? Let us map escape to escape and echo a message. This will let us use escape as normal but will flash a message at the bottom making it an annoyance to use.

inoremap <esc>  <esc>:echom ">>> Okay, I'll escape for your this time. <<<"<CR>
inoremap jj <esc>

And that’s it for this short blog post on vim and remapping the escape key :)

Written on March 30, 2015