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Remap your keys with Karabiner

I’m a heavy Vim user and lately I have been using my MacBook more often to write Markdown with Vim.

I never need the key ±§ but when I’m writing markdown I always need the ` (backtick)-key. The backtick is used in Markdown to format your text a different way so it stands out which is useful for code that does not need to be highlighted with a syntax format, As with this text.

Enter Karabiner

Karabiner is a wonderful tool with which you can map keys to some other key or keycombination.

My MacBook keyboard looks like the following (which is the same as the wireless keyboard you get with your iMac). macbook - osx - keyboard layout

Turn on this option and you’re good to go. remap § key with karabiner

Now you can type § and get the backtick symbol :smirk:

Hope you enjoyed this post. :smile:

Written on February 28, 2015