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A list of resources for ruby

Today I listened to the Ruby Rogues podcast with guest Jake Day Williams who is the creator of the website. Jake mentioned he wished/wishes he had put together a list of resources for Ruby/Rails material. So I thought I would make a start with my list of resources. This is also meant to show you how I gather my information and knowledge


I listen to a bunch of podcasts and keep track of multiple blogs. The latter I do via newsletters (email) or via RSS with and the app Reeder.

  1. Thoughtbot

    I keep track of this company mainly because they seem to have the same approach to building apps as I do. Thoughtbot is really active in open source and have several blogs and podcasts they create.

    Giant Robots podcast

    A podcast primarily about Ruby but all things development lately.


    A podcast about iOS development. Great look into the perals of iOS development :)

    Thoughtbot Blog

    Blog about Ruby, Haskell, Clojure, all things development.

  2. Ruby Rogues

    As mentioned before. A great podcast about Ruby but also the community and general development talk.

  3. DeveloperTea

    Short podcasts with great material. DeveloperTea handle everything from how to be a great developer to how to estimate features.


    A fun podcast about everything a healthy hacker interests. With the weekly exercise a really fun podcast. Unfortunately Chris Hunt is on a bit of a break but hopefully he’ll be back. The podcasts that he did make are really great fun :)

  5. RubyFlow

    A site which gathers blog posts about, you guessed it, Ruby.

  6. Line25

    The Sites of the week section is really good. Showing current webdesign trends. A source of inspiration.

These are the most “important” things I keep track of. I have about 110 rss resources which I’ll sift and share in here over time. Hope this post is useful for you. Got any questions or have some tips hit me up on GitHub by creating an issue in my github pages repo

Written on April 13, 2015