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Input times easily by converting shorthand times

For a project I want to enter timestamps. But I want to make it fairly easy and fast for the user to do this. There are a few users that are a bit more adept to working with a console and so I figured entering times by hand would be awesome 🚀.

Read a json ENV variable into a file for Heroku

While getting my transcription app on Heroku the credentials needed to get google cloud storage working spit out an error.

Load local .vimrc settings

The Short version

A list of teaching tips

This week I had the honor to help out as a mentor at Development Bootcamp. While I only had the time to help out for a single day it was great fun. Maybe I learned as much as the students that day.

A list of resources for ruby

Today I listened to the Ruby Rogues podcast with guest Jake Day Williams who is the creator of the website. Jake mentioned he wished/wishes he had put together a list of resources for Ruby/Rails material. So I thought I would make a start with my list of resources. This is also meant to show you how I gather my information and knowledge

A list of form object resources

The last year or so I have really become a fan of form objects and writing plain ruby objects (PORO). I gathered some resources on how other people use these. This might help if you want to use form objects but are not sure where to start.

Micro blogpost remap jj to escape

I want to move as quick as possible in Vim. Reaching for the escape key is a drag and makes me move my fingers of the home row.

Remap the arrow-keys movement with shift+w|a|s|d

I moved to a mechanical keyboard and want to stop using the arrow keys in favor of the Shift+W (A,S,D) key combination. Here’s the story of how I made that happen.

Highlight lines that are more than 80 characters

When I code, mostly in Ruby but always in vim, I tend to follow the thoughbot styleguide. One rule is Break long lines after 80 characters. Keeping track of the 80 character limit requires me to think about it, which causes me to lose focus.

Make the oh-my-zsh theme agnoster multiline

I’m a big fan of oh-my-zsh and in particular of the agnoster theme you can install.

Remap your keys with Karabiner

I’m a heavy Vim user and lately I have been using my MacBook more often to write Markdown with Vim.

Pre-Commit awesomeness

For a while now I’ve been using a pre-commit hook which prevents me from committing debug type lines in various files. This has the benefit of my debugging code never ending up in production and breaking things because I missed it.

Today I Learned - Mailcatcher and eventmachine gem 1.0.4

I was trying to send mail from the console but received timeouts after a few seconds. Checkout the related issue on github. There seems to be a fix so you might want to change to the latest pre-release. :)


My name is Sander.